31 January 2007

Baby Shawl!

I have begun Eunny's Point o' the Wave shawl (thanks Stacie) with my gorgeous purple/blue/green Anne. I swatched a bit and then started the real thing last night. I am obsessed and feeling very sad that I cannot knit all day. The only thing I don't like is that I am a big fan of using markers to track my repeats, and the 16 stitch repeat doesn't stay put so I have to keep moving the markers around. This is becoming frustrating...

Also, I think I want to put in a full center panel instead of just grafting. Anyone got any ideas for that?

Here is the baby shawl, and one of my recently finished hats -


NJStacie said...

Yee-Haw to Print O the Wave! I can't wait to see it! When I've been considering knitting this, I've always gone with the idea of just doing a much longer center panel, so no grafting; I know it makes the "waves" all go in one direction, but i'd rather that than the "seam" line. I've also considered making a it a wee bit wider - could be nice as a square, no?

simone said...

I have no advice for you, Mrs. Pro Knitter. But gosh that wrap is gorgeous! I can't wait to see your work! And the hat's awesome too!

Alayne said...

Thanks Simone!

I may just do one long center panel, depending on how bored I get. Center seam is definitely phwah.

Cheryl Oberle in Folk Shawls has a couple of patterns with a center vertical pattern and I am intrigued by that. Maybe do a fir cone to off set the waves?

We shall see. I'm all ambitious now, but I need help maintaining motivation on lace work.