13 March 2008


I just returned from a journey down to Yelapa, Mexico. Yelapa is a little fishing village with no automobiles - it's a 45 minute Water Taxi ride from Puerto Vallarta to get down there, and we stayed at the most lovely Casa Milagros, which is a mere 182 steps up from the village. But the views!

Looking To Yelapa Village

The place is all very lovely - there is a waterfall at the edge of the village, and a larger one about an hour walk away. The food was wonderful, the people were lovely, the weather was stunning. My biggest concern while there was avoiding burro crap. Easy enough.

Oh, and I got some knitting done:
Pi Shawl

I had wanted to take along a lace knitting project, but not wanting to get too involved in charts and really PAYING ATTENTION, I opted to cast on for a Pi Shawl. I followed the lead of brooklyntweed, and went for a simple yo, K2tog row every once in awhile. Keeping it simple. The yarn is from Miss Simone - Grignasco ExtraFine, and it sure is extrafine! I'm knitting this on US4s. I plan on completing it sometime in 2037 or thereabouts.

*They say that getting there is half the battle, but this time around it seemed to be a bit more - the getting out of there was a bit of an issue. Heed these words, my friends: If any of you ever think for one minute about going to Houston, Texas - consider our friendship OVER.

09 March 2008

Booties, part 2

Has anyone else noticed the total baby boom going on right now? I swear I have nearly 10 babies to knit for recently. I knit another pair of the Saartje booties to bring to a baby shower next week. While I still love the way these look--I'm beginning to think they're slightly too noodgy. Several seams to sew up, the little button ends, sewing buttons on. . . . then again, these types of activities are the things I hate most about knitting. If I could only knit with zero seams and zero sewing. . . well, then I'd be a really happy knitter. If I could figure out some magical way to instantly weave in ends, that would be tops too. I guess I'm realizing what a very lazy knitter I am!