09 March 2008

Booties, part 2

Has anyone else noticed the total baby boom going on right now? I swear I have nearly 10 babies to knit for recently. I knit another pair of the Saartje booties to bring to a baby shower next week. While I still love the way these look--I'm beginning to think they're slightly too noodgy. Several seams to sew up, the little button ends, sewing buttons on. . . . then again, these types of activities are the things I hate most about knitting. If I could only knit with zero seams and zero sewing. . . well, then I'd be a really happy knitter. If I could figure out some magical way to instantly weave in ends, that would be tops too. I guess I'm realizing what a very lazy knitter I am!

1 comment:

Max said...

But you're right - they look great! Adorable. Adrian of HelloYarn does these in the round, btw - maybe she mentioned it on her blog at some point? You still have ends to weave in, but skip the seam.

Now what I want to do with these booties is make them anatomically correct ;)