13 February 2007


So we moseyed up to New Hampshire this weekend, hoping for a little R&R in the snow, since we have been so heinously denied here in Boston, and found MULTIDUES OF WONDERFUL THINGS.
Besides the snow - of course. Which we very much enjoyed. And some delicious Italian food, which we also very much enjoyed.
Shockingly, there was the most amazing yarn shop off of I-89 in Henniker, NH.

It is called The Fiber Studio, and as we passed I just pointed and mewed. My darling husband quickly executed a eweie, and we pulled up, fingers crossed, hoping it would be open at 10 am on a Sunday morning. Success!

Pam, the very kind owner, was actually doing a felted scarves class, and she let me poke about at will. I am telling you people - we need to take a road trip.

Handspun Alpaca! For $20! Cones of Silk! For $15! Roving of all sorts and colors to beat the band! Heh. It was a little overwhelming, but I restrained. Check out these new additions to my stash:

Then we went on to the bookstore for which we had come to Henniker, NH, and among other fabulous goodies, I found a first edition Knitting Without Tears!

And Buffalo!

This is my current theme song:

"Farm living is the life for me -
Land spreadin' out so far and wide,
Keep Manhattan just give me that countryside..."

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simone said...

That sounds SO lovely! I love those vast country yarn stores. . . I found one in rural Vermont. I did the same thing you did and forced Scott to pull a U turn in the middle of the road.