14 February 2007

I goof (again).

Even though I think I'm paying attention, sometimes I twist a cable the wrong way when I'm watching Veronica Mars. Inevitably, I do not notice until I get to the next cable row.

Do I rip? Hells no. I put that sh@t on a holder and take it to Stacie.

Then I watch in horror as she rips the six stitches down to the "area of shame," re-twists the cable, and then performs some kind of crazy magic that I can't follow. I have attempted to document this process:

That last part is a bit sketchy...but then:



Alayne said...

Miracles indeed. I love knitting. Nothing is ever permanent and its all one long string.

Max said...

Wow. Stacie is a witch.

NJStacie said...

A hex on you, then!

"Knit & Purl Til Fingers bleed,
Thy yarn to tangle as wretched weed,
Stitches blunder on knitting pins,
Betray, Reveal Unforgiven Sins!"

Max said...


Max said...

Btw, this method looks *almost* as scary as the cutting method on January One.

simone said...

So, Stacie's clearly some sort of crazy New Jersey witch. . . this clears up so many things for me!

simone said...

P.S. I cannot wait to see this sweater when it's completed!