22 February 2007


Once again, the mandanna. One of the piano tuners asked me to make him a mandanna; apparently, they are SUPER for bike riders - they aren't too bulky under a helmet and they cover your ears. So a few mods (size US7 needles, CO 100 sts) and 2 hours later, we've got this:

The yarn is Bingo, which Sef (modelling mandanna at left) brought me from Germany, even though it is an Italian yarn readily available in the States. The yarn is wonderfully soft and plush - perfect for some headgear!

I used a cute little Empire State Building button on this one:

I'm quite happy with how it came out - I really like the two-tone!


Max said...

Looks great! I think that is exactly the kind of hair the mandanna is made for. Wish I had it...

Alayne said...

I love 2 hours.. And it came out wonderfully.

I am about to block the center panel of the Print of the Wave with vertical center piece added. I spent last night viciously hunting for any potential dropped stitches. I have an irrational fear that it will unravel when I block it because of an eensy dropped stitch.

I should have pictures soon, keep your collective fingers crossed for me!