03 February 2007

"Spindle, my spindle, haste, haste thee away, and here to my house bring the wooer, I pray."

Stacie got a wheel. I don't know if everyone knows this or has seen it, but it has creepy powers. Everyone (aside from myself) that encounters it immediately gets that "must-touch-wheel" glazed-over look in their eye as they compulsively move towards it, hand outstretched.

What is the deal with that? I personally have no intention of ever touching the wheel. Where do its powers come from and why am I immune? Thinking back on the story of Sleeping Beauty, I never did understand why she touched that damn thing. I also think that watching the movie traumatized me and now I am suspicious of spinning wheels. I think that the king had the right idea when he ordered them all burned in the Disney version:

It's only a matter of time before someone gets hurt and has to be put in a glass case.

I do admit that although I fear and distrust the wheel, I am highly impressed with what Stacie can do with it. For example, the previously mentioned "Pink Floyd Laser Light Show:"

I am content for now to simply keep my eye on the wheel and those who are drawn to it. However, if it (or she) needs to be stopped, I will not hesitate.

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NJStacie said...

You and The Mayor - she wants nothing to do with it/could care less. The spinning wheel has managed to turn everyone who looks at it INTO a cat, with that curious look on their face......