27 February 2007

A Tale of Two Mitties (BOO!)

I finally got around to completing the second of the Wine-N-Roses/Dickens mitts. I offer up this poor close-up photo in hopes that you can check out the colors a wee bit more:

I realized in doing this second one that I made them a little bit longer than the pattern had called for - I completed one more pattern round at the top of the hand. I don't mind the length though. There is a mildly curious part of the pattern involving yarn-overs and making purls over 2 rows; if I were to do these again, I think that I would convert those into a simpler k2tog/yo combination along one row.

Here are the details: this is yarn that I spun with my very own un-mitted hands! I would tell you more about the yarn, but I don't really know much more! It seemed to come out fairly consistent as a single-ply, which is how I knit it up. I believe I ended up with something in the realm of 230 yards or so; I have enough remaining to *maybe* get another mitt. There are some nice pockets of color in the wool. This second one needs some wear! It has a bit more sheen to it, along with stitch definition; I didn't block them, I just started wearing them.

What do you think? They are still quite Dickensian, methinks.

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Max said...

Dickensian? I'm not sure. They seem pretty luxurious to me! I guess they could still be Victorian... Anyway, they are quite pretty!