17 February 2007

WIP - Clapotis

WIP - Clapotis
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Well, sadly, I have no new finished projects to show off, so I'll just post this sad pic of my torturous WIP. It's the Clap, of course. It's actually going pretty well and I'm almost complete with the straight section. Perhaps some good tv-watching/knitting hours are ahead of me this weekend.

For those that haven't seen this, I'm knitting it up in the Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in a dusky teal. I do love the yarn and this the drape of it will make for a perfect spring/summer evening wrap/scarf. But, I think if I ever knit another one, I'll pick a "smoother" yarn. Plucking out those dropped stitch rows takes FOREVER!

This has got to be the most popular pattern of the past couple years, right? Check out the Clap fever (boy, that really sounds like a nasty medical diagnosis!) over at Knitting in Public's blog.

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Max said...

This is *beautiful* Simone! I actually love the texture of it - too bad about the dropped stitches. I sort of imagined that pulling them out would be as quick as pulling down a zipper... Did you get the yarn from Knitting Fever? If so, how are they?

I checked out some of the other Clapotis that Knitting in Public catalogued - I'm not sure if Wendy Bernard's Clapotis was on that list. She made hers in Silk Garden, so it's not nubbly, but the texture is really nice.

Wendy suggests doing a really little one to go around your neck, rather than shoulders. I'm thinking of trying that in some KPPPM I have hanging about. I just haven't turned into a sock knitter, somehow...

Anyway, beautiful!