01 March 2007

Stacie, Avert Your Eyes!

Ok, so I think I know the project that I want to work on after I finish the infernal Clapotis. I would like to make this shrug from the Berroco website.
So, a couple questions:
1). Would this look fugly on me?
2). It calls for Berroco Chinchilla, which knits up on #8's (4 sts/inch) and Berroco Glace (which on #7's is 4sts/inch). I don't really want to use those yarns and I'm not sure I really want to use two different yarns. I'd prefer to just use some basic (read: perhaps already in my stash) yarn. Do you think I could just use the trusty Cascade 220?
3). Can I just fudge the ribbed edging and just use the same yarn I use for the body of the shrug?
4). Other comments or suggestions?
Thanks, ya'll!!!!


NJStacie said...

I think you would be fine with Cascade, though I might be concerned with the drape. I totally think you could use the same yarn for the entire thing.....If it is a matter of the different yarns being VERY different, you may ant to work it in twisted rib.

And that is all I have to say about shrugs. Now I have to go work on some hexes......

Max said...

Although I know to say this will only rain curses down on me, I think it would be adorable on you, to say nothing of cosy and practical and worn a lot, a lot.

Have you seen the Pimlico shrug in Tracey Ullman's book? It's got a two-tiered ribbing that's really nice. It's made in Koigu Kersti, which kinda makes me think you knit a shrug out of pretty much anything. That Wrap Style book has a whole easy-design-your-own section in the back, too.

Alayne said...

I definitely think you could go with Cascade. And I love SHRUGS! YES! I DO!

And, despite my great respect for Stacie's powers of wizardry and therefore fear of who exactly she is planning on hexing, I will say that I wear the two I made ALL THE TIME.


As for the ribbing - the contrast between the fuzzy body of the shrug and the ribbing probably accounts for how nicely the shrug (to use a Zimmerman term) "holds in". So I would watch that. Maybe knitting in two by two rib or twisted rib would have the same effect, in which case you would be golden.

Or I love Max's suggestion of designing your own.


simone said...

Thanks for all the advice!!!

Max--I love that Pimlico shrug. Does anyone have this book? I might do that later on, but maybe I'll start with this quick (hopefully) shrug. . . I see a lot of shrugs in my future! I agree, Alayne--they seem practical.

I was a little worried about the drape--so I'll start it off and see what happens (I have a lot of Cascade in my collection).

The minute I finish that Clap--I'm on this!

Max said...

Simone, I totally have the book and would be happy to loan it to you.

I also just got Twinkle's Big City Knits, which I find chock full of surprisingly wearable lovely things. We should have book show-and-tell sometime soon...

Max said...

You know, I think the cuffs in the Berocco pic are a little dowdy. They look like 50s frat-boy-sweater cuffs. I think they need more style, more flair, more thought.