11 April 2007

Lonesome monkey

This is my first real sock, Cookie's Monkey from this past winter's Knitty. You will note some differences: Cookie's is a lot taller than mine, and Cookie's model has much skinnier calves than mine. To compensate for difference in calf size, I used 3s for the top of the sock, 2s for the lower ankle, and 1s starting with the heel. (This brilliant and simple idea comes from Ann Budd, via Brenda Dayne.) Unfortunately, graduating needle size failed to compensate for my ungovernably loose knitting, so even at the calf, 3s were really too big. And I don't think I have the heart to start over with smaller needles. I would have to go out and buy 00s, anyway.

I do love the color, though. It's Koigu KPPPM P119 50, if that means anything to you! I started knitting these—er, this—in Mexico, and the colors totally remind me of the jungle and the birds there. It may live forever in my knitting basket. A lonely monkey.

It may be a while before I return to sock knitting.


Alayne said...

It is lovely! Beautiful job.

If you really think you won't finish the other one, you should get one of those diorama boxes from Ikea and display it - with appropriate "Lonely Monkey" title.

How is the vest coming?

Max said...

You have shamed me! I am picking up the vest right now, and ripping it out, and starting it again, this time on the right size needles.

Thanks for asking. I will report again soon.

E to the M said...

What about 2's for the wholeleg and 1's for the foot? Do you really have to use three size needles?