30 April 2007

Wedding shawl help -- again!

Ok, not that I've even picked up a pair of needles in like months. Seriously, it's getting really bad! But I really need to begin to knit my wedding shawl. I'm so intrigued by Print o' the Wave, but I think it's way too complicated for me. It's so gorgeous, but when I see the words "grafting" and "perpendicular border"--I just know that it'll make me crazy. In addition to actually being able to wear this shawl, I need it to not break my brain too.

So, of course, the problem is that a search of all knitted shawls really brings up a lot of overly fussy, lacy very Stevie Nicks-looking items (though, I could to worse than looking like Ms. Nicks, but still...). I'm thinking I like the Daphne stole from French Girl. It looks lovely and really simple, which is good. Though, I wouldn't be able to use my originally intended yarn: Kid Silk Haze. But I'm wondering if I could use Kid Classic. On this page though I can view the color swatches and it seem like they don't make it in a sort of fuschia-y/magenta-y color. I'm really trying to get to shown here.
Let's say I go with French Girl. . . and NEED this color in some yarn that will work with the pattern. Any suggestions for yarn? Anyone wanna knit on Wednesday?


NJStacie said...

According to that pattern, they are suggesting Kidsilk Haze, no? Is it a matter of quantity? Kid Classic knits into a lovely shawl, but I know they haven't done a color like that. Their 4-Ply Soft is wonderful to knit with and appears to have a similar color; they don't appear to have anything in that color-range in the "Classic" collection.

Also, here is a thing with the lacy shawl knitting - you get into the rhythm of the pattern fairly quickly; also, after a repeat or two, it becomes easier to "read" the pattern, so you know what needs to be done. I promise this is true.

Fear not, Simone, and knit on!

Max said...

What about French Girl's Diamanta?

And have you seen that Hanami shawl people are making? Beautiful! And *not* boring to knit.

Alayne said...

I think you could definitely do it in Kid Silk Haze. You might want to add repeats to the ends to get the right width, and it is crochet, right?

I echo Stacie - Fear not!

Alayne said...

Ah. On Second thought I think I might have just been reading the "French Girl Knit and Crochet" along the bottom.

Carry on.