20 May 2007

Anytime I finish something...

...I'm a little shocked.

This is my chevron scarf, inspired by Larissa and others. The pattern is in Joelle Hoverson's Last Minute Knitted Gifts, a book I initially dismissed. It's very common for me to have a failure of imagination when I encounter patterns made up in unloved colors (although I am also capable of mentally re-working, from time to time), but seeing so many other beautiful chevrons lit me up.

This one is in KPPPM from my stash, one skein each of two different colors. I made it a little longer than ascot length, and it was perfect road-trip knitting. I'm calling it 10,000 Waves, in honor of the Japanese baths near Santa Fe where my cousin and I soaked while the snow swirled all around and the hummingbirds whizzed by.

(Speaking of Joelle Hoverson, the current issue of Blueprint features her apartment, and it is absolutely lovely.)

See these excellent blocking wires? I looked around online and kits seem to be going for about $30, not including shipping. These fine things cost $1.98 for four at Utrecht, the .047" gauge. You have to wash off the machine oil, but that was nothing.

Another long-unfinished project was greatly advanced today when Joe covered the kitchen shelves in oilcloth. Next he's going to paint! He has a lot more initiative on a Sunday than I do. I've been lounging around with The Friday Night Knitting Club, cursing myself for falling under the spell of a plot with such obvious turns.


Alayne said...

YAY Max. That is lovely. I really love the green - such a perfect spring color. And I'm sure the weight is ideal these days as well.

simone said...

Can I borrow that book? Looks cheesy, but I need a good summer read! P.S. Just got back from San Fran--saw the AMAZING Vivienne Westwood exhibit at the de Young!

Max said...

Oooh, I would love to see your SF piccys, Simone!

Re the book: I am sorry to report it had to go back to the library :(