24 May 2007

Fat Lip

Here's an idea of what I am NOT currently knitting. (I'll try and get to the wee bit of what I am trying to knit whenever I find my camera.....)

I was making a sock and then I thought better of it (yes - A sock. I do not have high hopes/aspirations in the realm of socks, as I am sure you are all aware. If not, feel free to contact me and I can do some 'splainin) so I tore out what little of it I had done, and I was left with this red.....toe portion.

Which I just found in my bag.

...and immediately put to good use.


Amy said...

stop making socks, for christ's sake

E to the M said...

Don't ever stop knitting socks.
That picture is awesome! It's so good, you should call the DMV and see if they'll let you use f for your liscense. The glasses are good too. :)