15 June 2007

My Favorite Ugly Sweater

Prior to heading out for a much needed vacation, I had decided that the project that I wanted to work on would be a very simple, mindless, loose-knit comfy sweater. You know, Your-Favorite-Sweater. THAT's what I wanted to knit. No thinking AT ALL. (This, of course, would mean not working on 2 festering projects, the Icarus Shawl from IK, and Hush-Hush from Knitty). Naturally, none of the stash yarn was of use for this (too heavy, tiny gauge, too bright, etc. - y'all know that little game) and I managed to get it into my little pea brain that I wanted something with some variegated colors. So off I went to Ye Olde Yarne Shoppe.

And so began the World's Ugliest Sweater.

I'm using Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn in the Tamarack colorway. The yarn is a joy to work with - smooth, soft, knits up beautifully. I'm knitting this on US3s, all in the round, going to join at the pits and work raglan decreases (though it *may* become a V-neck - not sure about that part yet). To spice things up a wee bit, I've worked the cuff ribbings in a mini twisted cable.

(that's atop a near-finished quilt, btw - if anyone is up for a few hours of handstitching, let me know!)

Anyway. Up until I connected the body and the first sleeve, I was still considering ripping the whole thing out. "This looks like clown vomit!" said I, and "I don't know if I could be seen with myself in this!" But now that things are coming together, I'm actually kind of liking it. I'm not minding the way the color is pooling and striping.

And here I am with half of sleeve number 2 done.

What do you think? Too.......clown vomit-y?


Alayne said...

I think it's quite lovely. I really like how it is so many colors, but the orangey-shades show up most. Clown vomit apparently can be most appealing to the eye.

Just don't wear it with your knitted lips. That could get confusing.

Max said...

I don't usually like to talk about this, but I come from a large family of alcoholic clowns. I can truthfully say I've cleaned up my share of clown vomit - and then some.

Your sweater does not bear even a superficial resemblance to clown vomit, and the fiber content looks like being completely different.