21 June 2007

Practical stash-busting

Howdy friends! Behold the fruit of my stash-busting labors—minute fruit, to be sure, but practical, and pleasing in a vintagey red-and-white kitchen. You will of course recognize this object as a Mason-Dixon warshrag, of which I’ve knit a number. Very soothing to knit, these are, and the finished result, if done in cream-and-red or cream-and-green, is right up my decade. I recommend this pattern for hot summer’s-day knitting. And may I suggest a Veronica Mars marathon to accompany it? Such bad, bad boys. Super fun.

Ok, enough practicality. We have three Chou-ettes on board for a Chou-along (see below), all local to Boston, and all contributors to this blog. It would be lovely to have others join us. Anyone else interested? You have only to declare yourself, and I shall set up a little website for us (or push that task off on Stacie or Amy).

Mind, this will be a quick knit, and economical to boot. Thus, low commitment. And no requirement to model your sweet nothings for publication. But you can if you want to! I might. If I can wiggle my pork into these knickers at all. Half the fun, right?

Anyway, think about it! We’re casting on July 1. Expect to hear from me again on this topic,


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