09 July 2007

Yellow Jersey, Crazy Hat

I'm continuing along with my Tour de Fleece spinning. I've got about 500 yards so far, and it seems to be fairly consistent! I thought I would show some of what I spun to prior to working on my TdF goal - you know, just to get my spinning mojo back:
Amy gave me a bundle of different colored oddments of fleece - about 10 or so different colors. I thought I would spin a bit of every color, in random order, and ply some of it together as well. It came out pretty well, except for the fact that it was around 120 yards of stripey crazy colored yarn! What to do? So I figure the only thing that it COULD be was a hat:
It's a very loose knit, and I had a few yards leftover. But it's fun! And got me into thinking that I could really truly do this Tour de Fleece. I don't have more pictures of what I've completed, but it basically all looks just like those other 2 hanks. I'll get some pics of the pile when I have it done.......

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