05 August 2007

Brand-spankin’-new skivvies

mon petit chou braMon Petit Chou, I am done with you! I couldn’t find the suggested 1/8" ribbon so I settled for 3/16", which is a little too wide. Then I couldn’t get the same ribbon in 1/4" for the bra straps, so I think I’m going to swap out the skinny stuff for the fatter, because I like the color better—it’s very Nurse Nancy—even though it will obscure more skin. The fact is, the bottoms are too big and have to be laced up pretty tight, spoiling any peekaboo effect anyway.

So I’m not crazy about the fit. The bra cups are good, but the band is too big; the panties are ok in the hips but too big in the waist. I shouldn’t have made the biggest size, but that doesn’t usually occur to a person who can’t even buy jeans off the rack.

Anyway, here are pattern errata for the left bra cup, should you need them. I’ve put my corrections in **stars**:
Row 35: Sl1, **k2**, yo etc. (not Sl1, k1, k2tog)
Row 37: Sl1, **k1, k2tog**, etc. (not Sl1, k2, yo)
These two rows were reversed, apparently.
Row 39: Sl1, k1, ssk, **k1**, etc.
Row 41: should read 14 st before end, not before marker, as should following rows
Row 43: Sl1, **k2tog, yo**, ssk, k1
Row 45: Sl1, **yo, k2**
Row 47: Sl1, **k1**
Row 51: **P1**, yo, p2tog, etc.

That’s how I managed, anyway!

There were some rather good finds at the thrift store yesterday: Paper Denim & Cloth jeans for my brother–in–law, four good pairs of cotton velvet pants for my sister’s quilt, a couple stupendous paisley shirts, never worn, this strangely abstract Mexican tourist jacket (what is that thing in the middle there? A sombrero? A disconnected joystick?) And the embroidery is unusual—it uses a chenille sort of technique.

Here are the paisleys. I think I like the more orange one on the right best, though it has a bit of discoloration along the sleeve crease.

But the find of the day was this beautiful non-vintage wrap top with a subtle metallic thread. The tag reads “Maple,” a brand I’ve never seen before. I’m totally in love with it:

Can’t wait to wear it! Here’s the truth though: I now own too much clothing. Something I need to contemplate with some seriousness pretty soon now. Taking care of my clothes has started to feel too time-consuming. And I only wear one outfit per day, most days, so having a closetful shouldn’t require more maintenance time than having a quarter-closetful. It just does, somehow.

But the idea of giving up thrifting! Oi, how could I?

In other knitting news, I cast on for Wing o’ the Moth today during SnB, and ripped out five times. Felt like running a marathon, too. OMG: I’m exhausted. More proof that I just can’t knit and socialize! Tomorrow I’m bringing something simple to knit, so my cursing doesn’t put a damper on the fun.

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Megan Jung said...

I am wondering if you had issues starting at row 17 on the left bra cup. This is where they jump back to one stitch before the marker. I knitted row 17, and instead of one stitch remaining before the end of the needle, I had 16! Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.