01 August 2007

Welcome to the Laboratory

And (some of you) said it would never happen.

But here we have a second Goblin sock!I cast-on last night and got just a wee bit past the toe. I'm running off on a mini-vacation, and I figured this would be a great opportunity to work through this second sock. I *still* don't understand the fascination/obsession with sock knitting. It's just like knitting sleeves, which I don't really care for either. It can't be the "second sock/sleeve/etc" thing either, because I do quite enjoy knitting gloves and mittens. We'll see how I feel upon completion of this the second sock. (Remember, science experiment is not over yet - not until I have a PAIR of socks off the needles.)

So Hanami rests. Though only briefly, I assure you. Hanami will also be travelling with me, so I expect some progress there as well. In the meantime, the spinning will have to wait a bit, though I desperately want to tackle the rest of that lovely blue-brown Hello Yarn bundle of fiber......


Max said...

Yes to gloves, no to socks? More mysterious contradictory data... Well, I await the final results of your experiment!

Anonymous said...

yea that doesnt look done to me dolin