17 October 2007

Branching Out & The Potential for Light at the End of the Tunnel

A quick post before heading out to Rhinebeck this weekend, and also very few photos.

Simone received her lovely cashmere shawl this past weekend - I was loathe to give ti up, it is just so luscious, but, alas. I was rewarded with the pattern, yarn, needles, and measurements to craft a little cover-up for Miss B to wear at/during/after Simone's wedding. It's progressing smoothly, though not much to look at yet, so no pictures. Also no pictures: the completed MOTH! I have yet to block it, so at this point it is just another lumpy bundle of green yarn. You've seen it before. Hoping to block it soon soon soon - I mean XTREME block it - but I'm looking for the space - it ends up at some ridiculous size.

I did manage to get some pictures of a quicky Branching Out scarf:
Branching Out

This is using my Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club September offering, "Aspen". It's a merino/tencel blend and has a great sheen to it, which I wanted to show off. I really like the color transitions:

Branching Out

I'm trying to refrain form casting on anything else - I'm hoping to catch a case of Max's Finishitis, and really take a huge stab at my unfinished projects. Or at least make some decisions on many of them. Here are the things that are up for consideration:
- Ugliest Sweater Ever (need to work on collar shaping)
- Assymetrical Light Blue Zippy Cardi - sleeves :P
- some ancient cotton lace scarf thinger (I think i just need to bind off and call it quits on that one)
- Hush! lingerie - dreadfully tedious and boring at this point, but potentially good to have on hand at work for lunch and meetings, etc.

Those are the only major ones that I can think of off the top of my head - those are the ones that have been marinating for quite some time; I'm hoping my gauge hasn't changed significantly. How do you battle YOUR finishitis?


Monika said...

The Aspen scarf looks wonderful. Did you have only 2oz or more?Is it navajo plyed, becasue the transitions are really lovely, and the different color repeats are way longer then my 2-ply, which was a happy accident anyway.

Alayne said...

Go Stacie Go!

Now that I'm back at Woolie's, I have so much more time to knit. It is much fun. The biggest finished project is a dubbelmossa I did for Jason. I will post as soon as I can figure out how to hook my new camera up to my computer. :P indeed. Not as bad as sleeves though.

Max said...

Oh, Hush gets my vote! Maybe if you start pulling it out at meetings and getting a little momentum? I adore that thing...