27 October 2007

Knitting Again!

So I've started my first new project since last winter. I went with Haruha Scarf by Tikru, and a merino wool in an olive colorway. It's not olive green though but more crimsons to browns and black, like a real olive bar (yum!). Sadly while posting this image I realize just how tightly knit my Haruha is. So once I'm done posting I think I'll go frogging and try again 2 needle sizes larger.

In other crafting I've been playing around with making a Halloween mask I've made two so far and already used one last night. This is my second mask; I kinda rushed it yesterday for a party that evening. I call it the black angler fish (I'm going to redo the antenna with an Ikea holiday light). Crack the glowstick put on a pair of vampire fangs and you're ready to go!

The other mask is a very simple one. I might use this one for fire spinning.

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Alayne said...

Welcome Back! I missed you!