21 February 2008


Well it sure has been awhile, no? What have you been up to? Me? Oh, just knitting up The Comfiest Sugary Softest Mittens EVER!

These are HelloYarn's Fiddlehead Mittens - I was testing them out in this lovely tweedy colorway, using Rowan Scottish Tweed DK, with a lining of Blue Sky Alpaca Brushed Suri. These things are Hard Core. I believe they may be impermeable to the elements. They are adored and coveted by both gay and straight men. They are softer than you could ever imagine. They had a better photoshoot; pictures are here.

These knit up right quick. I started them last Friday, accidentally got waaaaaaay off gauge and knit what was essentially an oven mitt, then knit 2 more at normal size. I got sucked into a Law & Order Marathon and managed to complete an entire mitt in record time, while Mariska & Chris cracked the case(s), and, with the help of Judith Light and Ice-T, put some people in prison. I ended up going down to size US2 needles for these. The linings make me swoon they are so soft.

Meanwhile, in non-knitting and non-L&O news, I've been, as usual, thinking a lot about knitting. What have I been thinking? Well, I suppose I have really been looking more - I have been perusing pattern books, re-evaluating some UFOs, fondling yarn a bit. I've been spinning a bit as well, and thinking more about how *I* want things to be spun rather than how the fiber wants to be spun. I've been.......trying to put all of the pieces together, rather than dealing with them on an individual basis and hoping that they fit. The end result? Unknown. Maybe this is just an extension of my non-knitting January/February trend.

I have to go bask in those mittens before spring comes along!


Max said...

I like how the thumbs say "vava" - you should put "voom" somewhere on your next pair. Luscious!

simone said...

STUNNING! Seriously, this is the year I tackle complex projects. . . as soon as I work through all my stashbusting!

NJStacie said...

This project is actually GREAT for stash-busting - it does not use very much of each of the colors, and it only took one skein of the background (blue) and lining yarn. Which makes for great stash-bustability.