08 February 2008

Well, I made it through January, anyway

Not that I have anyone to answer but myself, but I am seriously considering breaking my vow to KfS (knit from stash) in 2008 in order to buy a share of MVKnits, the first known fiber CSA. I saw their ad on Ravelry this morning and am quite taken with the idea. One share in the Fall '08 shearing costs US$100 for an as-yet-unknown but for-sure "bountiful" supply of kid mohair and mohair/cormo blend.

On the plus side: They're in Martha's Vineyard, so I could actually take them up on the invitation to Shearing Day (reportedly a mini-fiberfestival, included in the share). Totally worth taking a personal day. Cormo? Looks fabulous, from what I could see of it in the Knitter's Book of Yarn. And, of course: CSA! Local, small scale, presumably sustainable.

On the minus side: Mohair. What would I do with it? One of my most beloved knits is my Missoni mohair scarf, but I really can't feature making another scarf. And I admit I'm kind of a fiber ignoramus, even after Clara Parkes's efforts to help me out there, but I'm just not coming up with a lot of ideas.

If I crocheted, perhaps that Kim Hargreaves granny-square shawl from Vintage Knits. If I crocheted. Thoughts? Gifts for teachers, like Ann and Kay seem to manage every year, and which has never occurred to me in my entire life as a knitter?

Oh, but this is really kind of a long tease. I'll most likely sign up by the end of the day. And I chatted with the owner via her Etsy shop, where the shares are actually being sold, and she's put me on the list for the Spring '09 shearing, which is not mohair, but cormo and some other delicious-sounding things. (Spring '08 is sold out, sadly.)

Now, in another tale of acquisition, I present to you my new coffee mug. Though I cannot explain exactly how, I am pretty sure Mrs Lear over at the Runcible Bin made me do this. I feel quite cosmopolitan and literate when drinking out of it.

Possibly I'll even take up reading.


simone said...

Oooooh! That's a pretty good reason to break your knitting-from-stash resolution. All the animals--not just the sheep--from the site are SO cute. Plus, LOVE the mug.

Monika said...

So far, in my wildest dreams, I didn't picture sheep on the beach, ankle deep in sand. Love the photo.