04 June 2008

Too long gone

Whew. I have been knitting & crocheting away, but somehow it seems to be much easier to post projects on Ravelry. But as I was doing so I noticed that it had been MONTHS since I posted here.


A few things:

1. I think we should reconvene a regular knitting meeting. For I miss seeing you all regularly. Perhaps we could do themes? Like, charted knitting? Or the mysteries of Portuguese knitting? Or, name/smell that fiber?

2. Jennie Atkinson, of Rowan, is on my list for this bed jacket. There are no instructions about how to attach the collar. NONE. Poo. Thank goodness I have a very smart friend in Austin who just happened to be also knitting it and could advise.

3. I love Pentagons. I love knitting this Pentagon lace shawl. I am anxious to show this off. Plus I need color opinions.

4. This is my new kitty George. He is awesome. And double-toed.

4. Is anyone else listening to the Y Knit podcast? The one with Cat Bordhi is TOO funny. Also Lace for Boyz.

And how are you all doing? What lovelies are you up to?


NJStacie said...

Darling! It's been way too long.....
Let us gather! I need your answer re: Portuguese knitting! And I want to show the ladies how to chart things.

Ah, so I am not the only one who has The List ;) No instructions about the collar? what the...?

That shawl is purty sexy. Speaking of colors, I have the Lacey Lamb card for you. And I want to hear about your jaunt down there!

George sure is cute! But can he knit?

Alayne said...


I am all for re-enacting weekly knitting.

I have adopted your List concept as brilliant. And I just got back from TNNA - planning a post soon - but MANY things to report. Lots of fun.

Georgie's extra thumbs are making knitting a bit difficult; we may start with crochet.

Max said...

I TOTALLY want to get together!

Becky said...

Hm... Alayne, you just MADE UP an edging for that sweater! Here I am totally stuck partway through because I've been dreading that seemingly infinite length of edging. Perhaps I just need to flip through one of those cool edging books to find something more palatable!