23 January 2007

No, seriously.

I'm making a sweater! My first one. I mean, besides that monstrosity of a baby sweater that I finished, umm, last week for a "baby" that's now, oh, 3 years old. Lesson learned: make things for babies when they are still inside their mom. Or surrogate or whatever.

But anyway, I'm making a sweater! After a rough start (or five), it's looking pretty good.

Previous to this newest attempt, I was under the impression that I had inexplicably gone down about 4 dress sizes and should gauge and knit accordingly. The result (on top of a hoodie I actually wear):

Thanks to my friend Sarah for her skepticism and bravery in calling this error to my attention. Also, thanks to Stacie for completely rewriting the original pattern to accommodate my stylistic whims.


simone said...

That's gonna be SUPER cute. I love it.

I think Stacie's motto might be: let no pattern go unmodified!

NJStacie said...

Well, a girl's gotta have POCKETS! And a zipper....and the ability to knit a sweater in the round.....and...and....and....