23 January 2007


Friends, my challenge over the next few weeks/months is to really finish up a few lingering projects - ones that I started aways back and really would like to see through to completion:

  1. Basketweave-type baby blanket in a lovely red yarn - halfway done
  2. Warm winter scarf in dark brown Cascade 220 - halfway done
  3. Fancy lace edging for Lacey Lamb Pi Shawl - barely started: 10 of 154 repeats completed
  4. Unbiased handbag in Ganpi Abaka tape - need to knit last panel and shoulder strap
Please, please help keep me on task - it's hard to set specific deadlines, but I don't want these to still be incomplete when I go off to the next retreat!


Max said...

Is there one that's calling to you?

simone said...

This is sort of my resolution also. . .I think I'm discovering that I'm not good with really long-duration projects. I need to have that satisfied finished feeling.

But ok--we'll check in with you on here and at our meet-up's, ok? :)

Becky said...

Yesterday I picked up the baby blanket again - it's v. nice to work with so I'll do that. Also I want to finish the scarf since it's so COLD outside!