23 January 2007

Just in time for the snow

I finished these Spencers (Sarah Hatton, from Rowan 38, in Wool Cotton) on Sunday - actually my third FO of 2007! I went down from the recommended 3s to 2s to get close to the specified gauge, but they're a little small. I'm going to try again, using 2s and adding a little length and width.

And using slightly bigger buttons! I thought that nestling the buttons inside the cables would be nice, but actually their edges are obscured and the one button (just a hair bigger) that sits on top of its cable looks best. These are all oddball buttons, some plastic, some shell, that I got at a very sad estate sale in Santa Cruz on my last visit there - an old woman was moving out of an intact 30s bungalow in Seabright into assisted living. I'd've bought the whole place, lock, stock, and barrel, if I'd had the money - and got there in time.

You can't see in this picture, but the color 'Rich', is anything but. I'm not crazy about knitting with cotton, and these mittens reminded me why. The color is dull! Faded! Hope I have better luck with 'Elf'.


simone said...

Yeah, knitting with cotton is so bleh, no? It just doesn't give any either.

Depsite that--the gloves are so lovely!

Becky said...

Max, these are beautiful!! Please bring them to show'n'tell sometime!