23 January 2007

Oh the infinitude

Currently on the needles is Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's Tepoztlán in Silk Garden color #245. I suppose it's unimaginative, but I didn't deviate from the recommended color because I love it so much - it really feels like Mexico to me.

The part above is the peplum, knitted in one piece to be seamed up the side, gathered, and then attached to the bodice on the long side. Cornelia's version had two pieces, not to be seamed at all, if I read her woefully pithy pattern correctly. Not for me the wool-and-silk Empire-waist tabard, flapping in the wind! I prefer to keep my midriff quite, quite covered. Anyway, it is going on forever. I'm home sick today, and I'm about to put on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to keep me going...


simone said...

Oh--that's so lovely. Hope you feel better soon!

One question: will you be knitting the puppy in the photo? Please do!

Max said...

I started this back in October. Puppy's all grown up and graduated from law school.