05 February 2007

Fishy Flea and Print an' da Wave

While working on my Eunny's Print o' the Wave project, I've gotten a bit obsessed with shetland lace, because I plan to modify with a center panel and not just graft up the middle. I found this website of the Shetland Museum and had to share.

Check out this stole:

Or perhaps this one, which has a pattern, no joke, called Wave of the Fishy Flea. I am telling you - these Shetlanders are amazing. Fishy Flea, indeed.


Max said...

I think you have to do Fishy Flea just so you can tell people what it's called!

Alayne said...

I know. If I could just figure out which one of the patterns WAS fishy flea, I'd be all over it.

Having finished one half of the print o' the wave center section, I'm working on counting and figuring out how many stitches across the vertical center panel needs to be to still work with the finished edge. I think it needs to be a multiple of 8, but if anyone gets bored and wants to check my count, I will be forever grateful.

NJStacie said...

I've been thinking about our Sunday discussion aboout that back panel/seam thing, and even if you *were* to be able to use a purl row as your initial cast-on row (considering, say, a provisional), grafting would then be on the "knit" side, where you would think that you would be able to - if you were CRAZY - graft in pattern with yos, etc. except you would be half a stitch off!

Still I think it's better than the seam.

I'll take a look at Print o the Wave and check yer math.....

Alayne said...

The way it is looking now, I will end up with one side of the center panel to graft and one side either grafting or picking up and knitting.

I think.

Can you pick up and knit with eyelet? This I will also have to explore.