08 February 2007

Hat & Scarf

Here's a photo (thanks Stacie!) of the Cascade 220 hat & scarf I recently finished. The stitch pattern for the scarf is just 2x2 rib with selvedge; the hat's pattern is Wheat Rib (see detail photo below), in the Constant Knitter's Greene County Watch Cap pattern.

I feel like the scarf makes me look like a giraffe. But, it's warm, which is exactly what was needed.

For those (attention Ms. Amy!) who are in love with the brown Cascade, the color number is 9804 9408. The color is more true in the little detail photo than in the other one.


simone said...

I love it! It looks so toasty and I do love the color, too.

Alayne said...

Very lovely. I particularly like the hat - very simple but very elegant.

Amy said...

So last night I got a little tipsy and ordered 12 skeins of this stuff from kyarns.com. I have to say, next day, did not regret it.

Thanks for posting the numbah!