12 March 2007

FO and Maybe UFO?

So here is the Print of the Wave blocking....

It is hard to see here, but I have not yet put on an edging, but there is a center panel. This picture is from about a week ago, and I unblocked it last night. The lace held very beautifully, but I think it definitely needs an edging - however I cannot muster up the energy to tackle the real edging as patterned. I am pretty happy with the added vertical center panel. Anybody know any good simple lace edgings?

One pattern note: from what I could tell, Eunny asks you to graft on the wrong side. Now, as you all know, I am not such a great whizz at figuring out patterns, so I may have misread that she wanted the purl sides grafted together, but I of course grafted the knit sides together, since otherwise the beauty of a good graft is almost completely wasted!

Here is my FO.

I used Sockotta sock yarn, because it is washable and I thought for a baby tee it would be fun to have fun colors, and it is mostly cotton, but has a bit of wool in it for stretch. But now I feel the colors are a bit too fun. It doesn't show at all in this picture, but there is a seed stitch heart on the front. It doesn't show much on the tee either, due to the unsuppressable fun of the yarn. I tried a couple of photographic settings so you could get the whole effect, to no avail. But it is washable. And FUN.

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simone said...

Looks beautiful! I can't wait to see the scarf modeled! And the baby T is so cute. It's hard to find the right setting for taking pix of projects. After trying so much for so long--I finally figured out that natural daylight is just the best way to capture projects.