18 March 2007

Clapotis - finished! At last!

So, there you have it. I finally finished my Clapotis! I like the way it turned out, though it's much shorter than I thought it would be. It'll make a great spring scarf. So, now the snow just actually has to go away, then I'll be all set!

I do think that I'll make another one at some point. For some reason, I think it takes me an abnormally long time to get patterns. But once I understand what's going on, I'm all set. So, next up for me is shrugville!


Alayne said...


It is beautiful. Great job. We are supposed to have a high of 43 today - so that's a bit hopeful, eh?

Max said...

Beautiful! I *love* this color - and it looks like a really good size.

I owe you a shrug pattern, Simone! I'll bring it to work tomorrow, even if there isn't any knitting :)