20 March 2007


I finally got around to completing a second pair of Eunny's Endpaper Mitts. I had started and stopped a few times, with all different colorways, to no satisfaction. things just weren't contrast-y enough! I finally settled on some lovely orange and lilac Koigu - I absolutely adore this yarn! The subtle variations in the color add depth, and the yarn is quite springy and lovely to work with.
I don't know who else has made these; there are 3 sizes provided simply through changing needle size. So this second pair I made smaller - I think these are the smallest size? Anyway, I knit them using US 0 & US 2 dpn needles. They went quickly - I cast on March 9th and completed the second one March 19. I did not use the Tubular Bind-Off, nor did I use the Italian Tubular Cast-On. They don't seem to mind.

These are an early birthday present for my roommate - these pics are unblocked, and I don't think they WILL get blocked, as they've already gone on to their new owner......here they are being chummy with my original , well-worn pair: These are a really really great, quick project for people interested in trying out colorwork! The floats are all really small, the pattern is perfect and easy to read, they are portable enough to work on. The pattern also is easy enough to memorize - you can get the hang of it pretty quickly. These are pretty speedy - and on dpns the needles work to mark your "seams" and pattern rows.

So now what do I do with the remaining <1/5 ball of Koigu in each of these 4 colors?!?!?!?


Max said...

The orange and lilac is a brilliant combo. Wish I was your roommate!

Also, good to know that scary Italian tubular cast-ons are not required. I do plan to try these out.

I am just knitting up my first Koigu, and also finding it super-springy. It feels great to the touch, but I'm making a pair of Cookie's Monkeys, I'm on 1s, and I'm not sure they're going to be small enough, what with all the stretch...

NJStacie said...

As far as avoiding scary cast-ons and bind-offs, on this second pair I *did* do the final 2 rows before bind-off in double-knit. That is, one round of k1, sl1 and one round of p1, sl1, followed by a standard bind-off. I think it helped a LOT - my original pair seems to bow out a bit, and these seems a wee bit tighter.

So glad you are loving the Koigu. For all of Koigu's spring, it is *actually* quite firm.

simone said...

Yes--the color combination is BEAUTIFUL!

NJStacie said...

Thanks for the notes on color - I had been quite unsure of it; I was seeking a slightly darker lilac/blue tone, I guess more of an indigo. I think these look a lot more contrasty in the pictures than in person!