24 March 2007

Wedding help

Ok, knitsters, I need some help. I'm getting married in October in Vermont, so I'd like to knit a wrap for myself. Our colors are basically: ivory, black, and hot pink/fuschia. So, I don't have a dress yet--gonna wait a little while on that--but I'm sure it'll be ivory since I don't love the way I look in white. Anyway, I want to knit up a wrap since who knows what the weather will be like in October in Vermont. . . it could be 70 degrees or snowing! But I'm sure a wrap will be needed nonetheless.

So, I'm coming to ya'll for some advice. I'm pretty sure I'd like to use the lovely Kid Silk Haze in the above color. Here are some of my ideas about the proposed wrap:

- the pattern can't be way over-the-top complicated. I suspect wedding planning could present a few stresses and I'd rather the knitting be relaxing as well as productive! So, maybe sort of intermediate level.
- I think I'd prefer a rectangular shape rather than a triangular shape.
- I'm not opposed to lacy, but I don't like fussy.

So, any thoughts? Thank you for your expertise!


NJStacie said...

Simone, I will make for you a wrap or .....shrug, m'dear. Have you considered the "I Do" thing from a past knitty?

Along the square wrap type, I will take a look at some lace work this afternoon. I am quite fond of the "Icarus shawl" from a few IKs ago.

simone said...

While I know I enjoy a good shrug, I definitely don't want one for the wedding. And I'm not crazy about the "I Do." It's a little too Stevie Nicks for me. Less shruggy, more shawly.

Max said...

You know what springs to mind, Simone, is the shawl from Wrap Style that you did for the Knitting Olympics - that would look nice in Kidsilk Haze.

Max said...

Not square though :(. Never mind!

Alayne said...

I did the Domovoi lace from Cheryl Oberle's Folk Shawls for a friend's wedding a couple of year's ago in Kid Silk (that dovey color). It's not hard lace and very pretty in the Haze.

There are a couple really beautiful rectangular shawls in that book. I have an extra copy - want it?

I could drop it off for you. Wooly's always carries it, so you could check it out first and then let me know.

Another great shawl I love is the Pi one from Elizabeth Z. Very simple (straight stockinette) but comes out just gorgeous - especially if you knit it a little loosely in Kid Silk. It's round, however -

simone said...

Alayne--I'd love to see that book! I have to go to Wooly's today to return some yarn (somehow I ended up with 2 extra skeins after finishing Clapotis). I'll have a look and email you.

Moirae said...

I'd choose Sarcelle from Knitter's Anonymous, but I'm not sure how it would look in Kid Silk Haze. It would probably prefer something a little thicker like Jaegger Spun.

Don't forget to consult the Farmer's Almanac for the weather. I used it for my wedding in Vermont in June of 2001. It rained for three weeks right up until a day before the wedding. And miraculously it stopped. Just like the Almanac it said.