07 March 2007


So I can't stop making these. I blame......the yarn. These are a good use of stash remnants, and after the last mandanna, I ended up with 2 half skeins. So of course I made another one.

This one has 3 buttons - these seem to have a stretch issue, so I put on more buttons to keep things centered as you adjust to different buttonholes.

I brought it into work, and our Associate Director was kind enough to model it for YOU:I'm thinking it is reminiscent of:
Or perhaps:
I'll leave you with:

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Alayne said...


I love that. Whistler's mother reimagined.

I have just finished a little emergency baby-tee and the shetland shawl has been blocking for a few days now. Probably dry, huh?

So I will have pictures tomorrow.