17 April 2007

Feltable Baby

A finished object! Yes indeedy. And on the child it was intended for - look at that little munchkin, is he not adorable?
This crown was inspired by SouleMama, but instead of using ready made felt, I knit up a little crown shape and felted it. Unfortunately, I had originally chosen royal blue and bright gold in Blue Sky Alpaca sport weight, to match the sequinned patches on a fabulous bright red thrifted evening sweater, but as you can see I had to revise my color scheme after the felting. I crocheted a little granny square in some leftover chenille and ribboon, and then sewed on gold buttons from the sweater instead.
Then I went again to my little leftover bits pile and found some pistachio-colored Jamieson's and attempted to embroider the bubela's name. Hmm. I think I could use some embroidery lessons, eh?
But overall I am pleased.
Happy First Birthday Buddy!


simone said...

Oh oh oh! That is SO cute!!!!!

Max said...

Actually, Alayne, I bow to your embroidery, and to King Baby. He's adorable :)

simone said...

PS - Does that baby have a tattoo?

Alayne said...

HA! He does not, but that is too funny.

He has a little bit of a scrape on his arm from a recent fall. He's trying to learn how to walk and he falls down a lot.