18 April 2007

[Tidy] corners of my home

Walking down the street last night, Joe remarked on my compulsive peering into our neighbors' windows. He's right—I find other people's interiors absolutely magnetic, and I never tire of seeing them in real life or in blogs. I am particularly fond of SouleMama's Corners of my Home posts. (You can see more from other people on this Flickr group.)

I love the little corner above because it's one of the few spots in my house that seems to attract no clutter. Only seven objects there.

Decluttering is my never–ending mission. It's hard—the left hand acquires as the right hand throws away. But here's a brief shining moment in the life of my worktable. You can see the tabletop!

I have been happily tossing old knitting magazines and (re–re–) organizing UFOs. When I work up the nerve, I'll tell you how many that comes to. The tin basket holds yet–to–be–knitted patterns, probably 6–8 dozen. They're next on the decluttering agenda!

For the next three days or so, I shall proudly revel in the tidiness. Can't control the world, but by gum, I can contain my yarn.

PS I would love to see pictures of your knitting corners...

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Alayne said...

Congratulations Max! Your knitting space looks beeuyteeful.