01 April 2007

Handbag confessional

I have been sitting on Amy Butler's Cafe Apron pattern for a couple years, gathering thrifted fabric, contemplating colorways, biding my time, winnowing my thrifted aprons, learning to make croissants, maybe trying to lose a couple pounds, waiting for the opportune moment, um... letting it get completely buried in the long list of projects for 'someday'. But I think I have settled on a colorway: pink, red, and green.

For a non-quilter, though, the pattern sounds like being a challenge. It's mentioned twice on Sewing Pattern Review, and both reviewers called it difficult. I think each of their aprons came out a little skewed, too - or maybe their hips are asymmetrical? Not sure. Anyway, if people have suggestions for patchwork (Stacie, I'm looking at you), please don't be coy: boss me around. Thank you!

She also has some new patterns this spring. The Barcelona Skirt is purest Amy: all wholesome running-through-the-cornfields, smelling-of-the-bread-I-just-pulled-from-the-oven, yet also very I-can-operate-a-corn-detassler-like-nobody's-business to say nothing of let's-have-sex-on-the-back-of-the-tractor. Marketing people, and midwesterners, probably have a really pithy word for this look. Too bad the pattern doesn't seem to be for sale yet anywhere.

The Frenchy Bag pattern is available, and has totally seduced me. I don't think I'll be making it in AB fabrics, much as I love them. This bag cries out for pre-loved vintage fabric, possibly the Grandma Moses barkcloth I've been hoarding:

However, I do not really need a Frenchy Bag. This is because I went to An Event Apart last week, a very inspiring and useful conference and probably what I should really be blogging about. It was held at Copley Plaza, which is to say: far too close to Barneys, a place I have no business in. Unless I want to totally lose my mind and buy a handbag.

As you can see, it's built a lot like the Frenchy Bag. It is not French, but, like many of the world's most admirable creations, Italian. Do you see that hand-woven fabric? This bag may be the most wonderful thing I have ever owned.

This brings me to a question I have for you: how many handbags do you own? Of those, how many do you use?

For the record, I own an even dozen. But people seem to think I have 4,283. Maybe because I rotate them a lot. Anyway, you? Tell me - I really want to know.


NJStacie said...

Suggestions for patchwork, eh? What is it that you seek?

I have found some Amy Butler patterns to be.....more fidgety than they need to be. It sounds that it would be worth doing a read-through of the pattern and maybe re-working it/tweaking it a bit; see, it carries over into the sewing as well!

As for handbags - I don't think that I have *any*. I have 2 small clutches for fancy-pants occasions, but i think that may be it. nothing as nice as any of these bags that you speak of, by far.

Becky said...

I've only a few real "handbags"... most of my doohickies are totes. They've gotta haul lunch, sneaks, books, knittin', etc. and most purses simply aren't up to the challenge.

Max said...

Dear me, I have to confess: as totes go, I really do have 4,283. Didn't count them in the dozen...

It is true that many purses aren't up to the task of lunch, knitting, books, gym clothes, and yoga mats, but they've got to be willing to try! The only thing that really stops me cramming my knitting into my clutch is Joe's insistence that knitting doesn't belong on occasions that require clutches. (I think that's hooey, fer the record!)

But I do feel like a style retard when I am forced to carry a handbag and a tote. It's a dilemma.