02 April 2007

Knitting with Recycled Plastic Bags

This dress in Craft 'zine is so cute! My friend Susan has also experimented a lot with crocheting with bags...This is a giant mandala she made (partially obscured by a shrine for New Orleans). Fun and ecologically sound! Only thing is I hear this is hell on your wrists. I'm still recovering from computer-induced RSI but think I will start knitting (with yarn, not bags) again this Spring.


Max said...

I love the mandala. And the dress, although it would be unwearable, is really inspiring.

Simple Knits with a Twist has a shopping bag knitted out of plastic shopping bags. Knitting those is totally going to be my post-Apocalypse hobby!

Alayne said...

Meg Swansen's Gathering of Lace also has a gorgeous coat knit out of plastic in the gallery section in the back. I love the knitting with all kinds of materials -