31 May 2007

Knitting-related Artwork

This has nothing to do with actual knitting--because I seem to be incapable of actually picking up my needles lately! But check out this super cute knitting-related art print from Ashley G. Here's her shoppe.
I have a question--what your favorite stash busting project? I have TONS of yarn, but can seem to focus and figure out what to make with it. I don't want to get rid of it (couldn't do that!), but I need to use it up. . .I'm talking 1 skein here, 1 skein there. Any ideas?


NJStacie said...

Gloves! Mittens! Oh, and you are a fan of Hats! Whatever you do - NO SOCKS! How about felting things? coasters, etc? I've just found a skein of some kitchen cotton and I am making some cute baskets. Kitty toys?

I think i find the more difficult stash-busting to be with things that I have 2 or 3 skeins of......too little for anything substantial, too much for stash-busters like mittens & gloves!

simone said...

I know! I'm in that situation where I have 1 to 1.5 skeins of things. I think I'm going to have to go on a felting binge or something. Part of my problem is that I'm not always in love with how felted things look.

I think I'm going to have to make 500 hats to get rid of this stuff.

Max said...

Well, you know those Zambian orphans I was mentioning a few months ago? They need hats! Can you believe it gets cold in Africa? It does! Africa cold. Like Florida cold, maybe. You know. It's not cold to us, but they suffer.

So if you felt like making some hats, you would totally thrill some AIDS orphans, who, in addition to having no clean water, no books, and not too much food, have a veritable dearth of lovingly handmade woolly items in their life.

I've made a couple! Maybe we should have a one-skein hat party sometime? I have a really simple pattern...

simone said...

I think that's a fab idea, Max!

Alayne said...

I like a big stripey shawly-scarf as a stash buster.

Pick out a bunch of yarns that kind of go together in color, or gauge, or whatever, and then knit two of them together. When one runs out, add a new one in.

If the colors don't go together, but the texture does, you can dye it.

They are really fun and low stress, and make really good prezzies.