18 June 2007


Let’s follow up breakfast porn with something more truly frisky, shall we? This is a postcard I found at the Santa Cruz flea market a couple years ago. I’d forgotten about it but now I’ve cleaned out my closet (erm, almost) it has a themely place to hang. It’s postmarked 1934 and the salutation is actually “Dear Sis.” I love the way the unmentionables are framed by the echoing pillowy cloud...

And while we’re on the subject of ladies’ undergarments, let me tell you what should soon be on the needles: Kate Gilbert’s Mon Petit Chou!

Yesterday after tea and knitting, it happened that a copy of Naughty Needles (a wonderful book with breathtaking models of all sizes: thank you for that, Potter Craft!) was left lying around. Joe spotted it, sat down, and was instantly absorbed. Whilst preparing dinner, he mentioned casually his admiration for this sort of thing, and so, because I’ve been looking for an excuse to knit le chou, I ran straight to Woolies, and hit the Cascade Fixation bin, and... disappointment! They had some very un-naughty colors I’m afraid. I shall just have to go online.

Heavens, this is all terribly intimate, n’est-ce pas? I think I should just go for broke and invite you to join me—in a Chou-along, that is! Do you like the idea? Tell me.


NJStacie said...

ooh ooh - I'll get in on a chou along! Just let me know what I need - yarn, quantity, needles, etc.....? When do we start? :)

Max said...

Should we start July 1? Would that be enough time to acquire yarn? It requires four skeins of Cascade Fixation to do the top and bottom (two each), and sundry ribbons and whatnot, as well as several sized of needles, which the pattern lays out.