02 July 2007

Kniting Garden Party

Happy July - and stunning outdoor knitting weather! And eating as well (of course):Ginger Snaps, Prosciutto Wrapped Melon, Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives & Tomolives, Snap Peas, Pesto Bruschetta Toasties, and (not chown) delicious homemade Orange Florentine Lace Cookies, much Cheese and Crackers, Macaroons, and also, Raspberry Pear Tarts:After the initial feeding frenzy, to the Knitting!

I diligently plowed through La Chou......
....looks like lettuce, no?
...And helped Max get started on hers. The Invisible Cast-On seems to be one of those things that is so freakishly simple that you just cannot grasp it (similar to, say, a YO the first time you do it). The pattern, not being charted, is a nuisance to make sense of, but seems to come together after some initial hiccups. I think I'm finding it to be overly complicated in the wordiness.

While the knitting of La Chou is technically an -along, I cheated and cast on the end of last week, and made some progress prior to yesterday's knitting. I've found this to be a handy/helpful way of going about things; I can act as our knitting group's Beta Tester. I can get a grasp of the pattern and the "voice" it is written in, along with noting any errata or potential snags. I think it's my SuperPower - you know, for when I become a SuperHero. "Fixes knitting issues and patterns at a moment's notice!" What will my name be? What will YOUR name and superpower be?

1 comment:

Max said...

Tell you what: that is the sexiest dadgum lettuce I've ever seen!

I really appreciated your help getting started with le Chou. Invisible cast-on is definitely one of those things that are best learnt in proximity to an expert. I agree, it's ridiculously simple, so simple you can't believe it. So simple, but I still don't quite have it.

Thank goodness for your superpowers!