03 July 2007

La Chou!

I finished the front of Mon Petit Chou, with minimal issue. I also cast on for the back, and linked up with the Invisible Cast On row. Meanwhile, Max has knit right up to Row 20-something! Let's take a look, shall we?

I'm finding the pattern to be....well, it makes sense, yes, but I am finding it could be simplified in how it is written. Take, for example, this very simple instruction:

With straight needles, CO ...

Easy, no? But I find it....vague - in terms of matching gauge, in terms of knitting with what you have or prefer (I prefer circs, and almost always knit with them - better for commuting). My pea-brain would more easily translate this if written as needle size. It's simple enough to figure out, but I had managed to lose that first page, leading to much running about, etc.

I prefer lace patterns that are charted, so my issues with the pattern may simply stem from this pattern having been written out. The "voice" of this pattern is off for me; it is almost telling me TOO MUCH in many places, while leaving other things much...less detailed. For instance, I like having a stitch count every once in awhile, especially when dealing with patternwork and YOs and whatnot; it acts (to me) as a fact-check. Also, the pattern repeats as presented didn't seem to flow for me - I would have preferred if I was presented with "*blah blah *6 times" rather than "*blah blah, repeat from * 5 times". Again, just my personal opinion here - the actual knitting is coming out wonderfully, and it really truly is a cute garment:

I'm quite happy with the (so far) finished result! I think that the pattern manages to incorporate the (minimal) shaping quite nicely. I'm going to go with some pink ribbon for the ties. Though I doubt that there will be a model post here..............


Max said...

Model post, model post! Ha! I doubledog dare ya.

simone said...

Oh la la! That is unbearably sexy and cute!