05 July 2007

Not Too Scanty Panty

Mon Petit Chou is complete! Well, aside from needing to pick up some pink ribbon for the side laces - I could only find this plum ribbon in 1/4", not the delicate 1/8" called for. Oh well!

I have to say that this pattern incorporates the decreases into the lacework beautifully, and the instructions for this are wonderful. I was interested in seeing how the short row shaping would come out, and how the lacework would be handled there:Seamlessly!

I made La Chou in the largest size available, in order to compensate for my child-bearing-hips. turns out not necessary! I had not counted on how much give the Cascade Fixation would have! I'll definitely need to run some elastic through these puppies to keep them up. I also had planned on knitting these to the...74 row height; I had completed the front to that point, but when I got to the first option for binding off on the backside, I found that I would no way no how never have enough yarn to get me through another 9 or so rows. So a-ripping I went - and brought the front back down a coupla rows, and left the back at that. I still had the "between leg interlude" to deal with, and that also was worrying me - the pattern calls for st st for 2 inches, and I know that st st tends to curl, and I knew that I didn't want any sort of interlude like THAT. So I put in one purl rib on either side - seems to work fine! Also, kitchener stitch instead of 3-needle bind-off.

So really, not that much change.

This all means that it's time to return to this beast:I've been ignoring the Clown Vomit Sweater largely due to the size of the thing now. It's practically complete, and that is a lot of wool to have sitting on you while you knit in the Summertime. Also, I'm just about to the point where I have to THINK, and there may even be some MATH involved, and anyway it'll be too hot to even WEAR it until the fall, etc., etc......

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