07 August 2007

No-good, two-timin’ KAL pal

Hi Stacie! I have a confession to make:

Wing o’ the Moth isn’t back on the needles yet. While I probably don’t actually have to wait until I can get bifocals, I just haven’t been compelled to up and cast on for the third time. Not like I was compelled to knit some booties after seeing Adrian’s at the Lazy Redliners SnB. Compelled, I say.

Above is my first pair, quickly abandoned when I decided, in the dim light at 10pm, that they looked, well, not like clown vomit, precisely, but... Maybe baby-clown spit-up. None of the expecting parents on my list are quite hippie-ish enough for a pair of these. Although they’re looking better in this morning’s foggy light.

Here’s the first of a better pair. It’s Koigu KPPPM in a color I think of as Taos. I don’t know that the yarn will actually be heavy enough. It’s an experiment. One I’d like to stay home to complete and then write up. I’m making the larger size—let’s call them “beegbootee.”

My spoils from last night’s stash-be-gone include this 8oz hank of Hello Yarn superwash merino, whose slightly wonky spin caused Adrian to label it a dud. Not to me it’s not. Yum. Yum, yum, yum. Thank you, Adrian!

At this point, I still plan on taking Moth to the Cape with me next week, but Stacie: you should be ready to perform an intervention if I can’t talk about anything but beegbootees over the next few days.

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NJStacie said...

Dear Max - a confession: I have not made much progress on Ye Olde Mothe as yet (well, I'm through one pattern repeat) but I plan on getting back to it this week!