23 September 2007

Block Party!

So many things to report! Max headed over this past Saturday for some Moth KAL action and knit-aide, and a mini-spinning lesson. I crawled around on the front lawn with my bum in the wind:
Outdoor Fun Blocking

....blocking Simone's lovely Gothic Leaf Shawl. The neighbors have no idea what to think at this point. The shawl, well, it's just lovely! It blocked out evenly and the cashmere plushed up even more.

I was bound and determined to get some spinning time in this weekend, as I had back-burnered all other tasks while working on the shawl. So I picked up one of my bundles of Citrus merino from HelloYarn and got to work! I have (so far - I have 2 bundles, this is the first) about 350 yards or so of the plumpest softest yarn ever. Here it is on top of the rest of the unspun stuff:
Citrus On Citrus
Quite thirsty-making, no?

So now it is back to the Moth! Max has completed her first section of repeats - I have some major catching-up to do. I'm already thinking about how and where I can perform X-TREME blocking - she'll be quite large when done, and those baords just won't handle it.

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Max said...

I'll tell you what the neighbors are thinking: they're thinking, Who is this fabulous Renaissance woman, who can spin, knit, and block like nobody's business, yet also has the cutest bum on her? She is irresistable. I must meet her, and then get an invitation to come over for Sunday meatloaf. With bacon on top. Yes. That's what they're thinking.