20 September 2007

Reunited, And It Really Does Feel So Good

Four Shawls
(clockwise from top left: Icarus, Crystalline, Hanami, Gothic Leaf)

I present to you four lace shawls. And the drama surrounding 2 of them.

In early August, I headed down to The Jers to see family and for a mini-vacation. I had just completed the Icarus Shawl, so I brought that, and I also brought along my First! Ever! Lace! Shawl!, the Crystalline Shawl. On my way back up to Boston, I visited with my grandmother, where she promptly kidnapped the shawls to show off to her Bridge Ladies. A week or two after that, I called down to see if she could send them up here - I wanted to enter them into a fair. So to the post office grandma goes!

That was August 23rd.

The shawls never arrived. I had hope (albeit, minimal), but my grandmother was HEARTBROKEN. DEVASTATED. I explained to her that I am a process knitter, it's okay, I still have hope, etc. But I could hear it in her voice every time I spoke with her that this was making her crazy.

On Tuesday she returned home (from bridge) to her envelope of the shawls! With a big sticker stating "Address Does Not Exist"........I have lived in the same place for EIGHT years. My house was built in the 1880s. I receive mail and deliveries.

Anyway. They're back! Here are some individual pics of the two missing shawls (taken at grandma's):
Icarus Completed
Icarus - knit with Misti Alpace Lace.

Crystalline Shawl
Crystalline Shawl - knit with.........I can't remember :(

I'm glad to have them back! Meanwhile, more lace was made: Hanami (more, better pictures to come), and the Gothic Leaf Stole, for Simone:
Simone's Shawl

I completed Simone's Shawl (well, it still needs blocking) in less then 2 weeks. This was knit with the most luxurious Mongolian Cashmere.

I put everything on hold to knit this up - I know myself enough to know that I would have waited until the last minute otherwise. Expect more posts on spinning soon........I have some catching up to do.


Max said...

Mercy! A thrilling tale, and you do it justice - and I am so glad you have your shawls back again, and that your gran didn't have to commit seppuku or something. Your work is indeed fair-worthy.

Speaking of reuniting, you and I should do just that! Knit and repair knitting. Seek and give advice. Because seriously, my Moth is looking so shite I might send it to you just so's I don't have to see it for a month, while the postal service has their stinky way with it.

simone said...

Stacie D: You are the most glorious knitter alive! These are all SO beautiful! I'm so glad you've been reuinted with these lovlies. Jeez--they really are the most gorgeous. And, boy--am I a lucky girl or what???? I'm sorry I've been MIA from IM this week. This week has been jam-packed with meetings. I'll talk you soon! Thank you thank you thank you--I doubt I'll really be able to thank you enough!!!!

Lucia said...

You don't know me, and I'm not a member of the group or anything (I stumbled across this blog while looking for something else), but I just have to say... holy lace, Batman! (Yes, I know it's supposed to have holes.) Truly. amazing.

Amy said...

put those in a safe place so that you may KICK FAIR ASS next year. srsly.