07 September 2007

Business in the front, Dorothy Hamill in the back

Who on earth is this person? I think her name might be Doris. She has to get by on a little less than she’d like, and it’s hard. She probably has a crush on another soccer mom but can’t admit it to herself. And she spends way too much time fundraising with her alumnae group. Doris should take up a nice hobby like knitting.

No wait, that’s me, after painfully growing my hair out long enough to donate it. Those last couple inches were ghastly—I look terrible with really long hair, though not nearly as gnarly as I do now. And before you all delurk in your hundreds to tell me it isn’t that bad, trust me: it is. Hint: Business in the front, Dorothy Hamill in the back.

Now when I went in to the salon, I expected I might have to explain a few things. Turns out they send a big packet of 10" braids to Locks of Love every week! As I learnt from the website, there are a number of medical reasons for hair loss in children, and lots of kids needing hair. So if you’re thinking of going short, do please think of donating. (Note: the salon did a great job for very little money. I have nothing but admiration for their work—I just don’t look good like this.)

In knitting news, Wing o’ the Moth continues to rocket along at eight rows a day. That’s a pattern repeat daily, which means I’ll be on to the next pattern two weeks from starting, or the 16th of September. Stacie is graciously waiting for me there...


Alayne said...

YAY Max. What a lovely thing to do - I most admire your patience in letting your hair grow so long, and then chopping short. At least in the picture posted, you look great. Perhaps you will just have to blow it up to 8 x 10, and then walk around with it held in front of you, as if you were constantly in A Chorus Line?

simone said...

I do think it looks good! I'm considering doing the same post-wedding. I'm growing my hair out for that, but I'm also coming to the realization that I don't think I look great with super long hair. So, maybe in November or December I'll be right there with you! Which salon did you go to?

Max said...

I went to the Hair Cuttery on Eliot Street, near Charlie's. They're really great, especially for $13. They might not be as great as a Newbury Street salon, but at the Hair Cuttery you get a $13 haircut for $13, and in Newbury Street, you get a $14 haircut for like $85. Or whatever it is - I'm so ignorant it's probably way more.

I actually know someone who spends USD $800.00 when she has her hair done. And just between us? Looks like a $13 haircut.