02 September 2007

Moth race!

Stacie and I got together today to jump–start my Moth and progress on hers. This KAL, you may remember, is the most KAL of all KALs, because not only are we knitting the same pattern, but we’re using the same yarn (Hello Yarn Lace Weight wool) in the same green/brown colorway.

Dueling Moths, looking deceptively non–competitive as they sun themselves during some of the last beautiful hours of summer. The Moth in front (mine) isn’t really harboring any illusions it could ever catch up—just kinda pretending for a minute.

Here is a truer picture of the relative sizes of our Moths. Stacie has got through about four repeats of the first chart; today I did one. A good start! Not ready to say that lace knitting isn’t my cup of tea. But I do think I’ll cast on for another pair of Spencers or something just to have going in the background...

“Bumpers are for bumping”

That᾿s what Stacie said when she steeled herself to drive home after we put our Moths down. I live in a pretty kindly neighborhoood; nobody blocked her in. She did it her own self, for the simple pleasure of parking right in front of my house. Here᾿s the back of the situation; nothing to work with there:

Here᾿s the front; looks like she has about 2 3/16" of racing room:

Et voilĂ ! The full catastrophe. We᾿ll have to ask Stacie how many turns it took her to get out, because I didn᾿t have the heart to stay for the whole thing. My neighbors prolly watched, though.


NJStacie said...

I'd say it was a 30 or so point turn to get out. BUT it only took 3 or 4 minutes.
Yeah, I don't really know why I did it.

In Mothy news, I am progressing - I think I have 8 repeats done. I'm on proper length needles, at least.

Photos to come. I promise.........

simone said...

Ooof! I think I would've just stayed and knit instead of trying to get out! The Moths look lovely!