16 September 2007

Got buttons?

The Moth grows, and grows more slowly now. At the ambitious outset I’d planned to do a daily 8-row repeat; I’m a full week behind now. I just don’t know when I shall be done! It hasn’t lost its charm for me, but I’m back on my academic-year production schedule now, and I'm nursing some tennis-elbow-like injuries. But I must like knitting lace well enough, because I just ordered some wonderful Sundara laceweight in “Marine over Willow.” (I do love her naming conventions.) This color looks like old denim - old as in well-worn, and old as in vintage. Lovely.

Got buttons? I have. Went to Windsor Button yesterday to pick up some little pearls for my new Spencers. The best size, I think, is 3/16", because that will fit perfectly inside the ox-eye without being hidden. But 3/16" buttons were $0.59 each, so about $18 for the 30 I need. Erm... no thanks! The fellow there pointed out this bag of Ralph Lauren buttons, $5 for a few hundred, plastic (sadly) and 5/16", but still smaller than the size Rowan recommends and not too bad-looking. So if you’re making yourself some Spencers, I gotcher buttons right here; you have only to ask!

Thrifting, we regulars agreed this week, was shite. I did acquire some boring items of a practical nature for fambly members, but nothing that made my heart sing until I spotted an ugly quilted bag (sparing you, dear readers, the sight) attached to these acorn-finialed wooden purse handles. So satiny! Together with this corduroy dress (the only piece of clothing left from my daughter’s infancy) they’ll make a nice woodland-creature knitting bag.

Work has been tough lately, enough so that for the first time in years, I’ve been experiencing that well-known Sunday afternoon dread. The kind that starts on Sunday morning. Early, if I wake up in the middle of the night. The antidote is a good long walk in nature.

So last Sunday afternoon we went to the Arnold Arboretum, an enchanting place we don’t often go because of its grumpy-making Jamaica Plain location. But it was perfect this day. All cool and clouded over. We wandered lonely in the conifers, and even the bonsai house was deserted.

Some of the bonsai are over 300 years old. This one, though, looks positively pre-Cambrian.

We haven’t decided where we’ll go today. But I’m feeling a quantity of dread that means a long, long walk, sandwiched in between Moth rounds. So see you soon! I hope your Sundays and Mondays are all good.

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Bertha said...


I came here via your post on Ravelry regarding free buttons! I sadly have no need for wee buttons at the moment, but I wanted to say that I freakin' LOVE that corduroy dress fabric! It's going to look SO awesome paired with the acorn handles! I cannot wait to see the finished bag!